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to play, type what you want with the keyboard and press the enter key to throw it into the fire.

inspired by a fact someone told me that lincoln would vent by writing angry letters and then throw them into a fire. the intent was for you to use this game to vent or let out your thoughts or feelings and let them go, without any real fire hazards.

i could not get stencyl to draw text/create a text box so this game is incomplete, but you can still type whatever you want and press the enter key to throw it into the fire...you just won't see any text you type. once i have access to a computer other than a mac i want to remake this properly.

made for my first game jam.

Published Jan 14, 2016
TagsMy First Game Jam


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Don't be upset it's incomplete- this is such an awesome, original idea. Good Job!

Thank you!

I really like the concept of this!

Thank you!!!

Don't be discouraged! You did great work here. Crazy bugs pop up in simple concepts all the time that make it hard to get stuff to do what you want, and schedules can be challenging. You should be proud that you created something to submit. Good work!

Thanks so much for this comment! I felt like a failure uploading an unfinished game so it really means a lot to me.